Our Story

Kaa Yogawear was founded by yoga instructor and mum, Fiona Jenkins.  

Fiona Jenkins Profile

I didn't discover the benefits of yoga until I moved from Switzerland back to the UK. I'd just had my second child, and I took up yoga as a means to relax, to get a bit of time to myself and to focus on my wellbeing. Moving was quite a tumultuous time in my life and the practice helped me get perspective.

Fiona qualified as a certified Yoga Alliance teacher at Yoga London, initially to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, in order to further her own understanding and practice. She now teaches Ashtanga yoga, dedicates time to her own practice by attending classes and workshops in London and runs the Kaa Yogawear label.

Fiona Jenkins Profile 2

Naturally passionate about technical design, fabric printing and yoga, Fiona used this as a perfect opportunity to blend her understanding of the functional needs of a yogi on the mat, with her ability to transform yoga wear into stunning individual pieces.

Being a yoga instructor and an avid practitioner, I'm always looking for leggings which cover the midriff and sacrum adequately without the waistband sliding or rolling down ! 

If I'm mid way through a flow class or if crouching down to adjust a student, I don't want to be seen re-arranging my attire - I just want something which stays in place - from the moment I get dressed in the morning until I take it off. 
Unfortunately other leggings I purchased were bunching round my ankles unattractively, as I'm quite short. I'm not fond of tucking leggings under my heels either - where's the grip when you need to rock a Warrior 2 ?!

After searching for a brand which focussed on these issues, without success, Fiona decided to bring out her own brand to blend comfort, style, functionality and the features missing in other brands. 

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