Our Design

Gathered waistband 

A key feature of all Kaa Yoga leggings is the waistband. We designed a flattering, gathered, high waistband which moulds and works with the curves of the yogini, rather than compressing too tightly creating unsightly midriff bulges. The waistband is supportive, yet it's fit is graduated. More importantly it solves the issue of the waistband sliding down, as the design allows for superior grip and staying power.

Whilst a high waistband might not be everyone's cup of tea, we adapted the waistband so that it would allow the wearer to fold it down to create a low waisted option, still with the same hold and grip. One pair of leggings with two different looks.

Adjustable length

All Kaa leggings come with adjustable ties at the bottom of the legs which allows the wearer to customise the leg length. Once the correct length is achieved, it can be tied  off with a neat bow, making our look instantly recognisable.

Exclusive prints 

Our brand is a small, family business - we only manufacture small quantities of each print, and undertake strict quality control before dispatching to you, the customer. We like to keep all the prints fresh and new, working with on-trend prints for the forthcoming season rather than re-printing the current or previous seasons - that way the yogini always feels individual on the mat. Once a print is sold out we don't re-print, making our designs quite unique and collectible.

High quality fabric

The fabric is of the highest grade, high performance 80% polyester / 20% spandex mix chosen for it's supreme softness, moisture wicking and compression features. 

The fabric features four way stretch, anti-bacterial properties and dries rapidly allowing the wearer to feel cool throughout practice.

Some legging fabrics can be quite slippery even when dry, making it near impossible to safely perform any arm balance without sliding when the wearer is sweating.

As a result, we've deliberately chosen a quick drying fabric which is soft yet still "grippy", enabling the yogi to arm balance away during hot and room temperature yoga sessions without fear of falling due to fabric malfunction !