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Tessa Chauhan

Tessa Chauhan

Tessa Chauhan, originally from The Netherlands, at the time fanatic runner and dancer, discovered the magic of yoga in 1999 while living and working in Florida USA. Tessa’s first class happened to be a Bikram (Hot) Yoga class and was hooked immediately.
Not long after that first class, Tessa gave up her hectic event planner job and decided to become a certified yoga teacher, moved to Los Angeles and completed the intensive Bikram yoga teacher certification and soon after the Yin Yoga program in Singapore. Since then, Tessa has been teaching extensively group and private yoga classes, Bikram and Yin Yoga, conducted posture clinics and mentored new teachers across USA, South East Asia and Europe.

Tessa’s yoga journey has evolved over the years combining a dynamic, strength and alignment focused yang practice with a softer, more personal and balanced yin practice. This combination has helped Tessa develop her style to one that is softer and more intuitive and aligned to the body’s sensations and needs.

Tessa’s emphasis in her classes is to have a truly wonderful yoga experience without striving for perfection, pain or competition.

"I am passionate about inspiring students to teach them listen, to feel and to discover at their own pace how the yoga can for them as an individual but with always a good dose of humour!”Tessa Yoga Pose

Just like yoga, it’s equally important that what you wear should feel comfortable, natural and inspiring. Kaa Yoga wear has become the perfect training partner for Tessa who loves the unique designs, the feel of the performance fabric and especially the adjustable leg length feature.

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Sanna Kokkonen

Sanna Kokkonen
Sanna is a native Finn, living & teaching yoga in Bali at Radiantly Alive. Yoga has been her passion and driving force for more than twenty odd years. Her teaching style is firm on the asana side (Ashtanga background) and soft in matters of the heart (Tibetan Heart Yoga). "My goal is to always strive to become a better version of myself and try in small ways to make the world a slightly better place. As my Lama reminds me ‘it’s all about getting better for the others not getting better THAN others.’
"On my yoga mat, I like to focus onto my practice, not pulling my yoga leggings up or down : a snug & comfortable yet firm fit is a must for me. Sanna Yoga Pose

The leggings must support the yoga practice to enable the practitioner to move worry free. I’m excited about “Kaa Yogawear” as they keep the promise and they inspire with their cool prints too ​which the modern day yogini appreciates!"

"Get serious about your practice however not about yourself!"

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Fiona Young

Fiona Young

Fiona discovered yoga fifteen years ago after searching for a way to ease physical pain and discomfort brought on by intense sport and running.

After trying a few different styles it wasn’t until the first Ashtanga class that I fell in love with yoga. I thought I was strong but the strength and control the students in this class displayed was incredible. I really struggled with many of the postures and thought that I couldn’t 'do' yoga.
I stuck with it and continued to be the stiffest person in class! Soon I began to understand that my negative thought patterns were having a major effect on my physical health. 'samskaras' or karmic pain in the body is often a result of toxic thoughts in the mind.
I soon made the trip to Mysore, the home of Ashtanga yoga spending two months learning at the source
This was a revelation and had a profound impact on my life and my yoga practice.
I'm dedicated to teaching the true spirit of Ashtanga making regular pilgrimage to practice Ashtanga yoga with my teacher Sharath Jois in Mysore.

As well as teaching Ashtanga Fiona also teaches yoga to teenagers in schools and private family yoga classes. Fiona Yoga Pose

She is a yoga alliance uk certified teacher and an experienced Thai yoga massage therapist.
I support the Kaa brand as they were developed lovingly by a dedicated yogi - Fiona Jenkins, who wanted to create a product that would be hard wearing for the most vigorous of Ashtanga practices whilst feeling warm and comfortable for more yin styles.
She's really hit the mark with these leggings and as a hardcore patterned legging addict I can confirm they look absolutely stunning! and they allow me to move freely on and off my mat

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Heidi Muschallik

Heidi started practising Bikram Yoga in 2000. From her first class she was hooked:

Heidi profile picture
“I’d always been quite active growing up and just loved the intensity of the class and how energised and invigorated I felt afterwards” So… what started off as a hobby, became her full-time work in 2003 after completing her training in Los Angeles. “What I absolutely love about teaching is seeing how Yoga benefits those who dedicate their time and energy to it – helping them to improve their mental, physical and emotional health, and also, how Yoga can be available to ANYONE, whatever your ability. Just do your best!”

Heidi Muschallik Pose

Being comfortable when both teaching and practicing is incredibly important to me. I love the design of the Kaa leggings - they hug to the body perfectly yet the fabric is so soft and breathable. The colours are great and I love the varied designs. I have two sons and often have to dash straight from a class to football training with them. Kaa Yogawear enables me to still feel stylish in my everyday life too.

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Minna Skirgård

Minna is a Swedish-born yoga teacher, founder of Scandoir and a wine lover living in London since 2005.
From an early age, Minna had been involved in creative movement through dance but it was when she first arrived in London that she took her first yoga class (Yoga for Dancers at Pineapple Studio in Covent Garden) and fell in love instantly.

Minna PrayerDetermined however to continue the academic conventional route she went on to complete a degree in finance leading to five years in front of multiple screens chasing happiness as a stock broker. The more time she spent in the office, the greater her need was for yoga, for balance and for purpose.
Training to become a yoga instructor while still in banking, Minna became aware of what mattered in her life, what actually made her happy and how she wished to continue living her life. Shortly after completing the course she made the decision to resign. Trading office wear and high heels for bare feet and lycra.Minna Dance 
Scandoir was launched in 2014, organising Scandinavian inspired retreats working together with some of the world’s leaders within the field of wellbeing.
Today, Minna divide her time between running Scandoir, teaching yoga and drinking wine (of course).
Kaa Yogawear is a brand where quality meets estetics, comfort meets fashion and its unique patterns is both fun and flattering.

Photos of Minna by Emma Sekhon www.emmasekhon.com

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